2022 ANNUAL Report
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We exist to celebrate diversity and to help innovative and creative people from underestimated communities achieve their dreams.
Emerging from one of the most unpredictable periods for many, C-Tribe had an opportunity during the pandemic to take a step back from any formal programming and reimagine what it means to celebrate diversity and help more innovative and creative people achieve their dreams.

C-Tribe re-launched as a hybrid event in July of 2022, which hosted 766 in-person guests and 61 virtual attendees. The event also featured over 60+ speakers, performers and artists, and accounted for $485k in economic impact.

Most importantly, the festival & conference aided in helping more than 130 persons (over 85% of which were from equity seeking and marginalized backgrounds) get closer to achieving their goals and dreams.

Centered in the heart of the northernmost metropolis, the organization is pushing forward in becoming an economic, social, and cultural driver for the region.

In preparation for future hybrid events, C-Tribe partnered with Labz Live to build a virtual event platform where guests could live stream the in-person activities, take part in prerecorded content, and further the collisions and connections after the formal programming.

As an organization with a lot of growth potential, C-Tribe appreciates the 40+ partners that collaborated this year to bring the event to life. While there are too many to name, a special thanks to our Presenting Partners: RBC Future Launch, RBC Emerging Artists, Ciroc, FACTOR Canada, Supporting Black Canadian Communities Initiative (A program put forth by the Government of Canada), the Game Developer Expo (GDX), Black Talent Initiative, and the T1 Agency.

In the wake of the murder of George Floyd and one of the most unforgiving displays of discrimination against visible Black minorities, C-Tribe took the definitive stance against racism. As an organization influenced at every level by various African, Caribbean and Black communities, this year saw the launch of the following:

• The C-Afrofuturism Conference: an event that aims to reimagine the future through the lens of the African Diaspora

• The C-Black Fund100 Program: an initiative that provides both non-dilutive investments and equity-based investments to 100 black-led companies and black creators every year.

While both are still in their infancy, both programs received positive feedback and picked up traction in 2022. Various bodies of research indicate that developing a solid innovation and creative hub is a crucial strategy for growing and attracting people to a city. It strongly impacts the quality of life within cities and creates a vibrant urban culture of creativity and innovation that further establishes the region as a viable and globally competitive economy. C-Tribe Festival—a diversity-led collision gathering— brought together prominent thinkers, innovators, and creatives across various industries. By way of positive growth through immersive experiences— showcases, music, food, panels, workshops, and special events— we will break down silos and create an inclusive environment that spurs enriched relationships and economic, social, and cultural prosperity. This report provides a snapshot of the scope of our activities as a modern-day media company, displays the breadth and efficiency of our growing organization, and highlights the key performance indicators that will benefit stakeholders & society.