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C-Tribe is a modern-day media company aiming to advance underestimated economies by celebrating diversity and helping more innovative and creative people achieve their dreams.

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About C-Tribe Festival & Conference

The programming intends to create a sonic space supporting creativity in many verticals. Currently, C-Tribe operates in the tech, music, culture, fashion and gaming verticals. We plan to introduce a film vertical in 2024.

Our flagship activity is the annual presentation of its namesake festival & conference, which has occurred since 2017. From the beginning, C-Tribe has distinguished itself as a gathering of original and avante-garde programming that captures the essence and excitement of the city where it takes place.

In terms of content, the festival’s range strives to be diverse. It exists to encourage collisions at the intersection of creativity, culture, community, and commerce (hence the “C” in C-Tribe). It is a point of convergence, drawing attendees worldwide through an event that ignites positive change and unity through thoughtful experiences.

We believe a platform like this inspires imagination, spurs creative thinking, and gives participants the tools they need to change their world, personally and professionally.

About C-Tribe Society News & Media

C-Tribe transcends many verticals and interests; that’s what makes it special. It reflects the variations and interests we have as human beings and what makes us unique. This allows us to be inclusive and welcoming to many different types of personalities and creates fertile grounds for serendipitous collisions.

The media and news platform we’re helps us showcase underestimated individuals and underestimated communities on a year-round basis.
C-Tribe’s flagship experience, The C-Tribe Festival, started in 2017 with a simple idea: let’s celebrate diversity and help innovative and creative people achieve their dreams. Let’s also do it in a way that would bring people from disparate industries together and create collisions between the talent that was already here in the city.

It seemed to resonate.

About 170 guests showed up to the very first event at the Garneau Theatre in Edmonton, Alberta and the event was hosted over just one day. Since then, C-Tribe has grown to become a Collisions Festival that houses attendees from all over the world over 5 days and is becoming a socioeconomic and cultural driver.
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C-Tribe x
C-Tribe x Tech brings together engineers, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, recruiters, technologists, and culture enthusiasts to help accelerate their tech-focused careers and ventures.

It is the definitive festival & conference where ideas are shared, and businesses are built on the foundations of a diverse tech community.
C-Tribe x
C-Tribe offers gamers, gaming industry professionals — especially those from underestimated communities — access to industry training, professional development and showcasing the gaming industry in a unique atmosphere of exploration.
C-Tribe x
C-Tribe x Fashion stands at the forefront of influencing culture, setting trends, and steering the course of global fashion evolution. The Shows offer both emerging and established designers from all corners of the world an unparalleled platform to present their collections in a unique cultural gathering.
C-Tribe x
An immersive and interactive gathering that includes cultural activations, food tours, a marketplace, art installations, and a one-of-a-kind experience. The experience celebrates the diversity that exists amongst us by showcasing an eclectic mix of tastes, styles, cultures and interests from a variety of art forms.
C-Tribe x
Providing artists, entrepreneurs and industry professionals access to industry training, professional development, and a strong peer network to support their growth, artistry and career development.

In true celebratory style, the Music Main Stage will bring together music lovers and festival-goers for a series of performances to empower the next generation of emerging musicians.
C-Tribe x
Embark on a cinematic journey that will harness the power of storytelling through the medium of film. C-Tribe x Film will be a platform where the intersection art and cinema gives rise to captivating narratives and unique perspectives.